Learning Activities


A few key items to always have on hand include: a personal laminating machine, white board and dry erase markers, and page protectors.  We use these over and over again for preparation and play.

Most of the activities that I will feature can be completed with basic arts and crafts supplies: glue, scissors, watercolor and tempera paints, crayons, etc.

For every activity listed below, I will include a materials list specific to that activity and resource links to print any materials needed.

Science Activities

Identifying Seashells

Counting the Rings in a Tree Trunk

Experimenting with Surface Tension

Observing small animals

Discovering your world

Plaster Casts of Your Footprints

Examining Bones (or other natural objects)

Dinosaur Dig Using Dry Pasta

Math Activities

Math with Mosaics: Pattern Tiles*

Math with Mosaics: Counting and Number Recognition*

Super Quick Impromptu Counting Game

Writing Activities

Publishing Little Books

Reading Activities

How To: Make and Use a Phonics Flip Book

Boosting Comprehension Through Role Play

Color Word Recognition and Beginning Sounds*

Building Words on a Pipe Cleaner

Preschool Narration Ideas

Nature Activities


Discovering your world

How To Set Up a Nature Box

Getting Crafty

Summer Wind Catcher

Decoupaging Boxes

Plaster Casts of Your Footprints

*Includes free download

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